Integrated, end-to-end Marketing CAMPAIGN

to make your ICO a success

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We offer excellent services for our clients.


Take advantage of key relationships with reputable funds and accredited investors to provide financing at any stage of the project’s development.

Strategic associations

Strategic partnerships with several asset sharing objectives will help to close commercial agreements beneficial to all.

Token metrics

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of token sales parameters using data and analysis of successful blockchain projects.

Review of the Technical Code

Our expert technical team reviews and audits the product, source code and intelligent contract.

Exchange announcements

We are a team of experts that will help you to list your card in the main exchanges, as well as to generate a substantial volume of trade.

Liquidity support- OTC

We help investors move money from traditional fiat money by presenting it to liquidity providers


We help connect teams with legal experts in business, sale of tokens, private placements and capital raising.

Brand & Marketing

Our experienced marketing team helps you create a brand that provides you with the best marketing strategies.

Universal exposition

It helps to connect with influential people, aims to take advantage of the influence of people in the social network to meet a business purpose

Community construction

Group of passionate community builders who believe in the importance of connecting with people for the success of a business.

Content creation

Create and control content from start to finish, making sure it complies with brand guidelines, provides value to your audience and has a different purpose within the broader strategy.

 Afzetpal, full marketing service and technical agency with the best team with great experience

Afzetpal is an ICO and Token end-to-end launch company that offers Token Design, Marketing, Technical Solutions and a Network of Prominent Investors.

The extensive learning controlled by Afzetpal professionals in branding and advertising helps to build brands for organizations in different ventures. By creating a relationship with customers and offering them a world-class service, we can provide the growth they need to promote their Blockchain startup.



We never treat two projects in the same way. We understand that each project is different because of its positioning as a brand, buyer and customers.


Our team makes sure that your campaign plan is based on facts, covered with a beautiful design to deliver your creative message.


Each project has a dedicated account manager to guide you from the beginning of the campaign to the closing of the project.

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